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Acid Eye Bass38 Front Mirror Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

4,000.00 2,500.00
  • Technology now is going wireless hence having a multi-functional device like Acid Eye Bass38 Wireless Bluetooth speaker with an alarm clock is a boon; An alarm clock and a built-in calendar are one of the great pieces of embedded features that comes with it
  • The best Bluetooth speakers are making rounds nowadays in the electronic market; But don’t settle with only the speaker but the device should be multifunctional; The device is compact and easy to carry outdoors
  • Music is an important element of our lives; We hear the music only in our beautiful homes or in cafes; If you wanted to listen to music outdoors, either your friend or a relative had to bring a guitar or any other musical instrument to play in front of the crowd
  • You can always find something interesting on the radio; Not just music but nice talk shows airing, it also makes you nostalgic with some old songs that you and your friends had sung but you have forgotten about them
  • Customers generally look for a sporty online Bluetooth speaker that is stylish and that is designed with passion; This Bluetooth speaker has a good sound output with deep bass and of course, perfectly designed
  • There are many online Bluetooth speakers in the electronic market but you cannot find a device like this one; Bluetooth version of 4.0, with FM radio in it is always admirable
  • If you are easily getting tired of the music that you have on your phone or player then don’t worry about it anymore, If you like Bluetooth speaker and you use them often outdoors, we have the right kind of device for you that is the best Bluetooth speaker with radio

Acid Eye DY-28 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

3,455.00 2,545.00
  • The wireless Bluetooth speaker provides 4-in-1 feature; It has: 4.0 Bluetooth technology, LED lamp with touch sensor, An alarm clock, MP3 player
  • The Bluetooth speaker could be connected with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, say it iPhone, iPod, Samsung or any other phone; A torch sensor could be seen at the top of the Bluetooth speaker
  • The speaker battery has a capacity of 4000mAh; The battery allows the speaker to play music up to 8 hour and the LED lamp could be used up to 10 hour on a stretch
  • Insert the TF card or U disk into the Bluetooth speaker; These wireless Bluetooth speakers comes with a warranty period of 12 months
  • The speaker looks adorable and could be easily showcased as watch or showpiece on the table; The speaker looks adorable and could be easily showcased as watch or showpiece on the table
  • The LED brightness is easily adjusted depending upon the ambience or the moods i.e. dim for bedroom, bright for outdoor etc.
  • The Bluetooth speaker allows you to create your favorite playlist; You just need to: Create your playlist on the TF or U disk

Acid Eye Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass

2,500.00 2,499.00
  • Acid eye launches Bluetooth Speaker with Cool Looks; It can be taken anywhere where you want to party
  • It has inbuilt Volume adjuster; The way you want to listen the songs that can be adjusted through SPEAKER itself
  • CONNECTION TYPE: There is BLUETOOTH SD CARD, USB and AUX support as well inbuilt in the bass tube; Which make the connection type very easy and simple to get connected; If you don't have any of these this bass tube has inbuilt FM RADIO. Which allows this SPEAKER to get connected with FM Frequency as well
  • POWER SUPPLY: In Built Battery with charging
  • D-27 Bluetooth speaker has a compact size of ease for carrying anywhere
  • This Bluetooth speaker supports: Bluetooth, FM, Hands-Free Calls, Lcd Screen, Microphone, Volume Control