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Acid Eye Sports 5D Wireless Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth V4.2,Water/Sweat Proof, in-Built Microphone,360 Stereo with Deep Bass, Noise Reduction

1,899.00 1,101.00
  • A neckband Bluetooth headset is always comfortable to wear and use. When it is of international standards then there is no doubt about it. It perfectly fits into your ear and does not fall or bend when you are at gym or doing a brisk walk during early hours. They look cool and volcanic black is a rare one to find in the electronic market. This wireless earphone is a style icon by itself that will mark your presence no matter where you go.
  • The built-in microphone is an add-on feature that comes with it so that you can easily answer the calls and speak to your friends and family without any distortion. It has got an integrated CSR chip which is a patent chip that cannot be copied on any other Bluetooth headset. This neckband wireless earphone compliments your iPhone once it is paired with it. Check out the product features again on the top, it is specially designed for iPhone devices. The sound is just brilliant.
  • Battery of this Bluetooth headset for iPhone is simply exceptional that give you easy 8 hours of complete audio streaming. Post, that you can charge the battery merely in 2 hours which otherwise it takes a whole day to charge on other devices in the market. Because of the fact that the battery will last for almost 8 hours in a day after 1 single charge, you will be amazed to know that it won't get heated due to continuous use of it. Hence relax your mind and listen to the music.
  • Music lovers should understand one important element before purchasing wireless earphone. It should be value for money that you will be investing in it and this particular Acid Eye 5D Bluetooth headset that you buy should compliment with your devices that you connect. For example: suppose you own an iPhone, we already know that your iPhone has a robust hardware under the hood, but to compliment that hardware it is imperative that you also buy a wireless Bluetooth headset that is equally good.
  • We have tested various wireless earphones available in the electronic market but this particular Bluetooth headset with mic surpasses your expectation when you listen to the soothing music from it. It is one ultimate Bluetooth headset for an iPhone and for the other major devices that can enhance the capabilities of the sound frequencies. The wireless Bluetooth itself is so sturdy and stylish that it will surely turn on heads to ask which brand is it. You will be completely satisfied.

Acid Eye U8 4.1 Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic – Black

2,500.00 1,699.00
  • Ideally, people look for a sporty device, that has a good sound output with deep bass and of course which should be perfectly designed; However, there are very few bluetooth headsets for mobile devices in the market that includes all these features; Some people don’t check other factors that also contribute a lot to the finished product; And one such factor is a device that is designed ergonomically with awesome aesthetics, a device that is made only for the movie and music lovers
  • Bluetooth headset for the mobile phone then I suggest you go for Acid Eye 4.1 Bluetooth headset; As mentioned earlier to you, a device should possess multiple merits like a style, sporty, perfectly designed and with ergonomically fuelled with style statement; You also need to bear in mind about its functionality; A bluetooth device should keep ambient noise far from reach, you have to turn up the volume at ease and peacefully listen to the beats; Every music lover should feel acoustic
  • Professional working in the office or taking a peaceful nap at home, sipping coffee with your friends and in a gym; Battery work time: in most cases, all the good effective bluetooth devices should give a standby of 6-8, hours with one single charge in a day and Acid Eye bluetooth device has been tested thoroughly with all the mobile and portable devices and the battery backup is exceptional; You need to pair once and forget charging again for a day or two and this is guaranteed
  • It is an amazing wireless bluetooth device with battery backup, this bluetooth device has eventually rank up the scores after it was compared with other major wireless bluetooth devices that give only the best sound output also with thumping sound to believe it and try out everlasting battery work time with an Acid Eye bluetooth device; Chip specification: every good bluetooth headset comes with csr chip, Cambridge silicon radio, a pioneer who makes the bluetooth devices
  • It is imperative that all wireless communication devices should be designed and builds with robust hardware and should keep the standards solid; Using integrated hardware CSR chip is not an easy task since it cannot be copied or reinvent; The company is proud to inform that an Acid Eye bluetooth architectural design is thoroughly crafted using this chip; It has a built-in microphone, which converts the air variations of the sound wave to an electrical signal; Boosted with hd sound warranty: 1 year
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase